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  Daimler V8 250

'Willy' is a 1969 Daimler V8 250. I bought him on 9 October 2005

Fortunately he had been taken good reasonably good care of and had had quite a bit of money spent on the engine and gearbox.

I've got a few bits to do such as the scuttle leak into the footwell heater but nothing major to make the car right.

Willy (number plate) runs like a dream and starts on the button. He's got a tracking device fitted, a kenlowe fan and full alarm system.

A repaired scuttle vent, electronic ignition to replace the points and a good service means he runs like a dream, if you search around the web you will hear about how good these engines are and it is true, they run smoothly and sound great.

The screen leaked a bit but that's all fixed now thanks to a nice bloke from Autoglass and some Loctite Superflex Sealant.

Was a bit of a shock for the wife when she came home and saw him sitting on the drive !