History of Daimler

This has been translated from a French site compiled by André Le Roux
which can be viewed here: http://leroux.andre.free.fr

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Daimler Empress MK II - Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
and Standard Bentley R by Hooper - Lanchester Dolphin

Daimler Empress MK II

Daimler  by Jean Michel Prillieux

1. Origins of Daimler

In 1896 was raised to England the obligation for any car to be
preceded by a man provided with a red flag.

It is there as this year as the British firm Daimler was founded by
Frederick Simms. It acted then of a subsidiary company of the German group Daimler,
created by Gottlieb Daimler. Buildings were bought in Coventry, city then
located at the heart of the mechanics and cycle industry. First
Daimler were built in 1897, on the basis of frame Panhard & Levassor.

The first car of the royal family was Daimler bought by the prince
of Wales, future Edouard VII. The mark profited already from a flattering image
concerning the quality of its achievements, and this noble sponsorship only could
to reinforce the notoriety of Daimler, which was going to become the supplier regular of
royal family during between two wars.

Daimler was integrated in 1910 into company BSA (Birmingham Small Arms).
group German Daimler amalgamated for its part with Benz in 1926 to create
the group Daimler Benz. Each of the two Daimler entities were going to continue
independently their way.

Source: http://www.britcycle.com

Giant BSA had harnessed himself with automotive engineering, without meeting it
discounted success. This bringing together with Daimler was going finally to allow BSA
to affirm itself in an automobile sector in full growth.

  The participation in the effort of war during the first world war obliged
a Daimler time to direct itself towards the production of heavy lorries and engines
planes. After the war, Daimler took again the automobile production, extremely
of a public image equalizes with that of Rolls Royce.

The new owner made the choice judicious to leave a certain autonomy
with the leaders of Daimler. Contrary to the majority of the manufacturers who in
vestissaient in the mass production, Daimler still preferred to propose with
its customers of the cars which met their individual needs. For that,
firm of Coventry made call so necessary to carriage-builders, among whom
Hooper appeared already in good place.

2. Daimler after the second war

After the second war, Daimler presented a new range. These models
very expensive could allure only one customers crowned extremely
marginal. Moreover, the main part of the sales was done in the British empire.
Apart from its pre square, the mark did not enjoy any particular prestige.
Accordingly, the access to the American market which constituted Eldorado then
manufacturers of in addition to Manche appeared quite illusory.

3. The influence of Lady Norah Collins

The marriage of president de Daimler and BSA, Sir Bernard Docker, with Lady
Norah  Collins, widow of the billionaire Sir William Collins, president de Fortnum &

Mason and of Cerebos salts, marked the history of the worthy auto- manufacturer
mobile. This woman took share in an effective way to the businesses of her husband,
in the incentive to re-examine the marketing policy of Daimler.

According to Lady Docker, it was urgent to democratize the productions of Daimler,
and thus of touching customers faithful to Jaguar, Armstrong Siddeley, Wolseley
or Humber. Conquest (French conquest) presented in 1953 answered
this definition. Regency, a notch with the top, supplemented the offer. It evolved/moved
in Regency II then in Daimler One-O-Furnace (104) without much influence on
success of these cars of another age.

In spite of the efforts authorized to diversify the offer, the volume of the sales
remained poor, and did not ensure to in no case the profitability of the business.

4. Daimler Empress MK II

Daimler Empress MK II was proposed in this difficult context. This bus
very British beastly remark was imagined and manufactured at Hooper on a frame
Daimler One-O-Furnace. This drawing, known under the name of "Empress line", was die
cliné on many Rolls Royce and Bentley contemporary.

5. Sir Bernard Thanked Docker

Sir Bernard Docker was shown of a bad management of the firm of which it had
the load. The creations initiated by the couple Docker, with in particular the idiots
truction of a series of Daimler special intended for the promotion of the mark,
contributed to lead the accounts of the company. The noisy luxury of which it
couple made display with the daily newspaper had ended up irritating the administrators.

Sir Bernard Docker was thanked without care in 1956. New pre
sident, Jack Sangster, old responsible for the motor cycles Triumph apparte-
nant with same group BSA that Daimler, took its place.

6. The offer is renewed

Daimler presented the Majestic limousine in 1958, then surprising it roadster
Dart in 1959, which did not meet more success than their predecessors
(two illustrations below).

7. Jaguar with the help of Daimler

For the group BSA, Daimler had become a too heavy load to carry. As of
at the time, when Jaguar expressed its interest for the old British mark, them
leaders of BSA were not made too much request. Dynamics firm of Sir
William Lyons was at the time a little with narrow in her factories of Coventry.
It sought to increase. The Daimler factory was going perfectly to make the deal.

June 18, 1960, Jaguar bought the Daimler mark and its factory and the marque continued

With the exception of Limousine DS 420, Daimler are since
beginning of the Sixties some of the most luxurious versions leaving the Jaguar factory.



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