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  • Scuttle vent seal replaced - quite a tricky job.
  • Resealed all windows to prevent leaks - totally water tight now.
  • Fitted new drain hose too as it was leaking into the footwell
  • Set of wire wheels courtesy of eBay
  • New anti roll bar bushes and steering dampers - front suspension has a lot of moving parts so went through all of this, re greased it all up
  • Full service, fuel filter replaced, oils, plugs etc etc, ignition and timing, new points and put the furing order back as it should have been
  • Professionally tuned up  (and it does run really well now)
  • New brake pipes throughout (front and back) and front brake master cylinder overhaul incl new seals
  • Set of new front shocks.
  • Interior dash clock repaired (electronic now with orig movement to complement)
  • Fuel pump overhauled, put electronic ignition inside to replace points, very pleased with result.
  • You see the interior pic with the funny white homemade speaker housing in the center column, I didn't like it so out it comes, rewired radio and putting speakers in the footwell panel instead.
  • Fitted wires. Cut boot carpet and added boot side panels (over fuel pump)
  • Got a new steering wheel (slightly smaller) although I'll keep the original just in case.
  • Heater control valve replaced
  • New shocks on the font
  • Rear seat belts fitted (with the arrival of twins I needed to do this) - Images below - click to enlarge
  • Fitted rear demister but have just found wires for the original demister are still in place so will get this wired in again at some point.




Rear Seatbelt Fitment - Using series 3 XJS belts - click on the thumbnail to enlarge

Heater Control Valve - this one was knackered but managed to get a replacement for 20